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Mobile marketing with the use of Passbook

Written by matteo. Posted in Digital Marketing

Passbook mobile marketingToday, when it comes to web marketing promotional strategies and mobile marketing in particular, most companies have realized just how essential it is for the growth of their businesses.
While there are several mobile apps in the market, the new Passbook app is one that has in recent times shown remarkable growth among the mobile apps users. Big or small, businesses have come to recognize the benefits of the new Passbook app, especially in enhancing the ability to engage with their customers on a digital platform.
Passbook is a kind of a virtual wallet where an electronic ticket, a boarding pass, a gift card or even discount coupons among others might be held without the need to hold loads of papers. Passbook is both environmental and user-friendly for any customer and has added marketing value to virtually all businesses. Why has this promotional strategy succeeded so well?
It integrates well with digital loyalty programs. Small businesses have found that Passbook integrates well with their digital loyalty programs. Users earn extra points or rewards and Passbook facilitates this process on its app.
Customers can now send gift cards to their friends. The recipient will only hit a link to add to his/her Passbook and the gift card is in front of him.
Alternatively, codes on a traditional gift cards can be scanned and added to Passbook in this manner.


Another good feature of Passbook app is that it can be linked to a user’s GPS location especially when in certain areas. A reminder will automatically pop up onto the screen informing users that they have a gift card from a certain store or shop.
Bigger businesses have also profited from Passbook app. For instance the American Airlines reported that downloads of their app, which launched on the same day as Passbook, increased dramatically only after 10 days of its launching. It has also been credited with bringing the airline an additional one million downloads.
Businesses and app makers have to ensure users know that the app is Passbook-enabled and have to see to it that they understand the system: how to set up a pass and use it. With some apps, creating a pass might involve several steps, which some users might find confusing. All in all, Passdock remains the fastest service around.
It helps in creating the most customizable and functional passes for Passbook. The new app by Apple comes in hand with a new iOS 6 (mobile operating system) and can serve as a “digital wallet”. It enables compiling the apps created individual’s interactive documents together; from the system applications or from the App Store.
This makes possible creation of an electronic coupon, a digital voucher or an electronic ticket, which can be used most effectively in a marketing campaign.
For the innovative companies and businesses, Passdock comes with numerous opportunities which business men/women can use to reach their customers and develop creative promotional strategies.

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