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How to create new mobile marketing strategies with Passbook

Written by matteo. Posted in Digital Marketing

Promotional strategies are the lifeblood of any business, and as the world becomes more technologically orientated, so those promotional strategies are changing in order to keep pace with the demands of the new marketing opportunities. Businesses that want to push ahead in the modern world are increasingly turning to mobile marketing tools to communicate with their customers on the move. Any business that fails to pay heed to these new developments and neglects to incorporate them into their promotional strategies is more than likely going to struggle to survive.

One such new development is the electronic ticket issued as a pass by Passbook. This is a highly useful innovation for all types of business.

Of course, those businesses that exist through the regular issuing of paper tickets spring to mind most readily. Among such enterprises are theatres, cinemas, football clubs, transport operators, and museums and exhibition halls.
Rather than having to queue for a ticket to a major sporting or cultural event, the electronic ticket can be sent as a pass to the customer. This is not only convenient for the customer, as it saves time and means he doesn’t have to brave whatever the weather conditions are, but also for the concert hall or wherever, as the proprietors don’t have to contend with people coming in at all times making a purchase, which in turn means they can employ the would-be ticket seller somewhere more productively within the organisation.

For football clubs and other arenas, where it has been traditional for fans to queue up in the rain and wait for hours for their turn to buy a ticket, it’ll mean even greater savings, as there will be no need to employ the police or other security forces to keep the crowd under control.

The benefits for the transportation industry are obvious, as customers can board the vehicle with minimum fuss, having not had to make a lastminute dash from a ticket line, in the case of their late arrival at the airport, harbour or station, while the transport operator can gain a much more accurate picture regarding passenger flow.

The electronic ticket can further come into its own for enterprises that don’t usually issue paper tickets. Imagine you are a fashion retailer at the high-end of the market. Several times every year you receive new fashions. Now, while a few of your customers may have been fortunate to have attended the fashion shows where the clothes were unveiled to the world, most won’t have. This creates an excellent marketing opportunity to issue each of your favoured clients with an electronic ticket to a free fashion show, complete with champagne, either on your premises or at a nearby venue, so they can see the new collections in a relaxed and convivial manner.
In fact, the idea of private shopping can be extended to all areas of the retail trade.
Simply issue electronic tickets to those of your customers who you think will be interested in the products you wish to sell and open the store for a more personal experience.

Such promotional strategies are now not only possible, but also the future.

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