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Boost your business with Passbook & Passdock

Written by matteo. Posted in Evergreen

How you can use Passbook to gain competitive advantage for your business?

Here are five ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Both national and international transport companies stand to gain from the issuing of tickets in digital form because they can save money by requiring less ticket offices (both automatic and manual) and conductors. Many railway companies already permit travelling with just a booking code and no ticket. Being able to switch from a receipt in PDF form to the issuing of a pass, as well from the SMS to push notification, means a substantial leap in innovation at low cost.


For years, major events and most concerts have issued tickets online or with home delivery. This type of activity is most likely to focus on the most convenient way to distribute tickets to clients, which will mean they will issue Passbook passes, which are now very easy to create thanks to Passdock, the user-friendly pass generator.

3-Large retailers

We have become accustomed to having loyalty cards from big retailers, with which we can collect points or qualify for discounts. Replacing those cards with digital passes represents a great opportunity for the retailers as they will be able to inform their customers about special offers, or maybe display the number of points the customer has accumulated by updating the cards remotely. As the data is already available, there will be no need to make great changes at the checkout counter, where the only requirements will be a small camera and a software update.

4-Small retailers

The marketing opportunities for large and small clubs are enormous. Each operator needs to attract a constant stream of customers, whether it is a pizzeria, a nightclub or a pub. This is usually done through word of mouth recommendation and the creation of events that aim to attract customers. With the issuing of a personalized pass by a club, it can not only offer discounts, preloaded passes (immediate cash money and, at the same time, invite the customer to return or re-order), and have a client database, but can also inform customers remotely about future events and news. This offer will require a small investment in the form of a tablet (iPad) for the cash point if the club does not already have a computer, but that is insignificant when compared to the great potential of increasing not only the number of new customers, but also the loyalty of those who already frequent the establishment.


Self-employed and micro-business services, such as dental offices, gymnasiums and beauty salons, have not yet had a management information system that can hold a client database, and are therefore excluded from any modern loyalty campaign. With the digital pass for Passbook, created by Passdock, they will have an updated client database on which conduct a statistical analysis. They will also be able to offer their customers a card that allows them to record their follow-up appointments and completed tasks. Finally, they will be able to contact their customers without disturbing them (via notification or with a pre-set timer) to remind them about an appointment, or to provide them with the opportunity to obtain discounts or promotions on days with a low business flow.

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