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Passbook and mobile commerce

Written by matteo. Posted in Evergreen

“Whether it’s or passes or tickets or whatever it may be, it’s an important feature of iOS 6, and I wouldn’t want to speculate about where it might take us.”
That was what Tim Cook said on the unveiling of Passbook for the new iOS 6. While remaining vague, it is evident that the great importance of this new application will be linked to payment systems with credit cards directly via phone, once the NFC chip (Near Field Communications) has been inserted into the iPhone.

Each Passbook digital payment will display a pop-up with a receipt that informs the user about the amount spent and the total budget of the credit card. The competition is very fierce, from Google Wallet through to Geode, while also waiting for Windows Phone 8, which seems to support the the NFC chip.

Could the Passbook payment system become the ultimate digital payment system in the future? At the present time, Apple has been very clever in proposing an innovative tool for the benefit of locally-based small businesses.

Thanks to Passdock, the system that creates and distributes passes, developers can also take advantage of Passbook without using huge economic resources and inordinate amounts of time to implement their own API.

Up until now, payment systems available in the market have failed to offer a simple, unique and successful solution for small businesses, and PayPal, albeit the leader of this market, offers such diversified solutions that it becomes confusing to a small company. The dispersion increases if one considers NFC-oriented circuits systems of banks and device manufacturers, as well as organisations, such as Amtrak, which have developed their own applications and related payment systems.

With the introduction of Passbook, Apple have made a close connection with the wide world of small business, gaining a faster future penetration of the digital payments market. Developers and companies that take advantage of the first wave of this innovative process, using Passdock to customise their passes for Passbook, will be one step ahead of the competition and closer to the needs of consumers.

The 400 million iTunes users, along with their credit cards, gives Apple an unrivalled base on which to open new horizons in digital ticketing. How? Maybe with a partnership or integration of its system with Square/PayPal or other similar systems.

All parties involved in the production cycle would benefit:

  1. companies equipped with a digital cash system would gain user base and visibility;
  2. Apple would get its considerable chunk of transactions;
  3. end users would have a fully functioning digital wallet.

Recalling the Apple acquisition of AuthenTec to create an iPhone with a future capacity of fingerprint analysis, developers have to hurry to undertake new strategies of mobile commerce and digital ticketing using Passdock: the innovative Passbook passes generator.

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