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How to use Passbook for a successful business

Written by matteo. Posted in Evergreen

Passbook is a very powerful tool that is available to any company that wants to implement a new marketing mix strategy on mobile devices.

Furthermore, companies that want to exploit the potential of Passbook to the full can now do so using Passdock.

The customised API of Passdock, along with the professional support service available to both developers and businesses, simplifies and optimises the path not only to create Passbook passes, but also to organise and distribute them.

In addition to the lowering of the costs of printing and sending email, businesses can take advantage of innovative promotional strategies that exploit the ability to send push notifications through Passbook. As a result, the goal of a company having its own logo on the screens of mobile users becomes reality.

Passbook also improves the efficiency of store transactions because consumers are no longer obliged to waste time searching for the passes in their wallets. Rather, thanks to geolocation, they are displayed immediately on the screen of the consumer’s mobile phone. A further benefit of Passbook is that it enables consumers to avoid queues in crowded stores; something that is also a plus for the store. Being able to access immediately the pass of the store that the consumer is close to is an incentive to buy, since a discount is available in real time via push notifications.Without the system, there is a greater chance of the consumer passing buy and not making a purchase.

The Passdock website showcases many different examples of passes categorised by application field, ranging from shops to transport. Devising useful ways to use Passbook is more than a fun exercise in forecasting the output of the application. Rather, it represents the starting point for the development of new strategies to increase the mobile-marketing mix in areas that are of particular interest to the user.

Paper tickets have many disadvantages; they are easy to lose, they can be very bulky or they are elsewhere when needed. In contrast, a pass on Passbook is superior to a simple PDF sent via email. This is because Passbook acts as a single repository where all passes are kept in an orderly manner, the passes are displayed on the Lock screen through geolocation and they are updated with real-time notifications. The notification of a discount Passbook coupon is an extraordinarily effective way to induce sales and decrease the response time of the consumer.

And what could be better than targeting users of social networks and offering them new ways to make purchases in the form of custom passes? Whatever the organisation or area of interest, be it transport companies or simple museums, everybody can navigate their own road to success thanks to Passbook passes created and managed with Passdock.

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