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Five reasons why to use Passbook in your mobile marketing campaigns

Written by matteo. Posted in Evergreen

Passbook is fast becoming a point of reference for the major airline companies and major distributors who have already made their applications, which create passes to keep on Passbook, available in the Apple Store.
However, it’s accepted that not all types of retailer are going to follow the same path. It could be because it takes time and money to put together a team of developers to create a proprietary application, or because there are several DIY services such as Passdock, which provides everyone with their own API, and tools to start creating and distributing Passbook passes.

Why does Passbook represent a turning point in mobile marketing?

1. First of all, Passbook provides you with a reference point on the mobile phones of the users (Passbook is a native app of iOS 6, so it cannot be deleted), which is a highly-privileged communication channel. As a result, those who choose to receive passes from a dealer become permanent customers, and are able to keep abreast of the latest information about new products and services, changes in schedules and much more, through the issuing and sending of follow-up notifications.
2. Furthermore, when used along with the analytic tools provided by Passdock, Passbook becomes a very useful reference, as it provides vast CRM opportunities.
The dealer can easily check the following:

  • how many times passes have been downloaded by customers, added to Passbook and updated
  • how many devices they are installed on
  • how many notifications have been sent
  • how many API updates have been done
  • if a pass has been removed from a device

It’s another great opportunity presented by Passbook: creating different user profiles with which to tailor highly-targeted marketing campaigns with high returns on investment.
3. The integration of Passbook’s API with the world of the mobile app has always been a simple process, but now, because of the free service and commercial plans offered by Passdock, creating and delivering Passbook passes by mail or via the Web has also become an activity accessible to everyone.
4. Another strategic side of Passbook is geolocation. For the first time, retailers can send promotional messages to customers when they are near a store or going into it. When you consider that a notification or pass can be scheduled to be sent on any particular day and at any particular time, it becomes easier to understand the extraordinary revolution that is taking place in terms of marketing plans.
5. Finally, the high level of connectivity guaranteed by the wide choice of codes that are compatible with the majority of scanning systems used in stores today should not be overlooked.
It must be remembered that, as a direct consequence of Passdock, it’s also possible to create passes to be sent even on an Android mobile phone, thereby expanding the pool of reference.

And what do you think of Passbook?

If you haven’t yet tried to create new pass for free, you can do it now with the Passdock API.
Alternatively, take a look at the business plans and unique advantages that are guaranteed only by Passdock!

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